Jimmy with Virginia
Governor Mark Warner and VA Delegate Tommy Wright
during the groundbreaking ceremony at the Virginia’s Heartland Regional
Industrial Park.

Jimmy meets Roy Clark at the benefit concert for the
University Scholarship program.

Virgil Goode takes
a moment from campaigning to visit an auction.

Ward Burton, NASCAR
Daytona 500 winner, presents Jimmy Carwile items to be auctioned for
St. Judes Research Hospital

Jimmy with Dale Jarrett at Elliott Sadler’s

Barn Party before the Fall 2006 Richmond Race

Carwile Auctions Inc.
employees attend a race at Martinsville Speedway to accept donations
from Rusty Wallace Inc. for the Madeline’s House Benefit Bash to be
held May 25.  Carwile Auctions will be hosting an auction for this
from left:  Jimmy Carwile, Cathy Mitchell, Dan Mitchell, Sandy Henderson,
and Haywood Hamlet, posing with Rusty Wallace crew member, Dennis

Pictured here is Jimmy and the late Dennis Ownby, one of Virginias Finest and well know auctioneers Dennis Ownby in 1983. Jimmy worked with Dennis for 3 years following winning the Virginia State Auctioneer Championship.

This is Jimmy with
Hampden-Sydney College basketball coach Tony Shaver.

This is Jimmy with Peggy Wilson and Chairman Ralph Moore of the Charlotte County Industrial Development Authority

Jimmy and Julian Davis
Hudson – Director of Prestwood Foundation in Clarksville, VA

Here is Virgil Goode, also a friend of Jimmy’s, visiting the auction.

This picture was found in a 1974 Five

County Fair book when going through

an attic of an estate that we were selling

at auction.  Pictured is Jimmy in 1974

winning the Tractor Driving Contest.

Jimmy enjoys a good
laugh during a sale!

Sandy helps Jimmy
sell oriental rugs at the St. Jude’s Charity auction event in Riverside
park. Carwile Auctions raised $2700 for the Children’s Hospital. Sandy
runs the auction office and handles marketing.

Virgil Goode looks
at the historical books and the Hughes sale on November 8th

Jimmy Congratulates Ted Counts of

The Counts Auction and Realty Group at the Virginia Auctioneer Conference.  Mr. Counts was inducted into the Virginia Auctioneers Hall of Fame on January 8th at the Hotel Roanoke.

Jimmy and the Carwile Auction clerks, from left to right:

Cathy, Sandy, Myra, and Augusta

at the First Annual Heartland Ranch Sale May 2006

Jimmy’s Uncle Wayne
and friend visit the Mays sale weathering the rain

Tucker Watkins and
Bill Devin at the Annual Saxe Sale

Jimmy and Doris Vaughan
before the Gay Sale in chase City

Jimmy’s Mom Virginia
and her Sister Evelyn stay dry while Jimmy auctions at the Mays sale

Jimmy takes a break
to talk to old time friend Frank Duffer at the Saxe Sale

Page Harding and John
Hardy at the Fuqua school

dinner for Ward Burton

Pictures is Jimmy
with Rhonda and WBNN’s

Sharon Stanley at the dinner for Ward Burton

Grayson Andrews says “Please Mister,
Don’t buy my horse!”

Barbara & Henry Eanes at their sale

January 21st, 2006

Antique Tractor Sale – June 2006

Flip at the Wilmouth Sale January 2005

Keysville, VA

A State Trooper visits the auction of

Garland Wayne Dowdy, June 2005

G.M. Davis Trucking auction

December 2005

Jimmy and Edward Webber
enjoy a laugh at the Flea Market Sale

Barbara and Augusta
at the Flea Market Sale

Jimmy, Trisha Tucker
and Bonnie Lawhorne at the Fuqua School dinner for Ward Burton

Jesse Grant fry’s
fresh oysters during the Saxe sale. Here are Clarke Hogan, Sherry
Swinson and Stephanie

Jimmy at the Falconfest Auction 2007

Billy Marshall wears
an antique hat during the November 8th sale at Travis

Sisters Janet Pempleton
and Loretta Gant wait to bid at the Hughes sale

Augusta, Barbara and
Cathy at the November 8th Hughes sale

is Augusta Carwile (Jimmy’s sister in law) at Riverside park clerking
the sale.

Jimmy and Pam Butler
at the dinner for Ward Burton

Falconfest 2007

Clarke Hogan and son
Holt visit the Worthy Sale.

Teresa Andrews and Barbara Herrmann

at the Riverside Park Benefit Auction

Jimmy with Les Lanyon and Tom Jones

at the 2006 Virginia Auctioneers Convention

Town of Farmville Seized Sale – March 2006 Tom Jones Auctioneer with lindsey and Lucy as the Tool Girls

Andy Ellington watches the bidding

James Martin starts a tractor as its selling

Amelia Consignment Auction 2005

Haywood Hamlet working
with the ground crew at the Reynolds auction.

Here are 3 regular
auction attendees: Wallace Wright, Billy Marshall, and Terry Daniels.

Jimmy greets long
time friend and auction attendee Charley Skelton.

Virginia with
Brenda and Vaden DeJarnette at the Southside Tractor auction.

Amy clerking the Lewis
Tree Sale alongside Mike Moser purchasing director for Lewis Tree

Jimmy Congratulates Ted Counts of

The Counts Auction and Realty Group at the Virginia Auctioneer Conference.  Mr. Counts was inducted into the Virginia Auctioneers Hall of Fame on January 8th at the Hotel Roanoke.

Regular auction attendees
Barbara & Henry Eanes come out for the Calvin Hall Farm Equipment

Joe Irving signs in
at the Morton Auction while Norman VanDerVeer Jr. watches.

Mellie and Barbara
signing in buyers as one looks over the small derringers and coins
that are for sale.

This Picture is Travis
Pugh Farm Manager of Kynite Mining after purchasing Virginia Carwile’s
famous fried chicken which she donated to be auctioned off. The proceeds
went to St. Judes Childrens hospital.

Terry Daniels, Billy
Marshall, Taylor Lafoon and Jimmy Hudson at the Cox/Hughes sale

Virgil Goode checks
in to get a buyers number at the Schroeder May 10th

Madisonville Consignment Auction February 2005

Equipment Consignment Auction 2007

This is Jimmy
working the ground with Al, Flip and Wayne – all long time auction
employees and attendees.

Jimmy and Bill
Mitchell at the Hodges sale

Shelton Wright
and Bill Powers attending the Hodges Sale

Henry Carwile
(Jimmy’s Dad) and Reuben Dunn enjoying a break at the Hodges

Bennie Hamlett
enjoys a hot dog while watching the July 19th auction

Barbara Eanes
having fun modeling Mrs. Lizzie Gays hats during the auction

Ralph Moore
studies an item at the June 28th Howerton sale in Red Oak.

Jimmy selling guns at the Worthy Sale

Jimmy with Trisha
Tucker and her sister Rhonda during the Gay sale

Taylor and Nancy
Lafoon looking over a box lot at the Howerton Sale

Virginia and
Henry Carwile arriving at the Schroeder Sale. The Carwile’s
attend all of Jimmy’s auctions.

Vince McDonnough
enjoys visiting a sale before attending auction school.

First Southside Engine and Tractor Auction – Keysville

Wayne Phelps & BeBo Litchford

Madisonville Sale 2005

Bill Devin taking
a shade break and watching auction.

Haywood Hamlett
and Thomas Winfree looking over an item at the Red Oak sale

Jimmy and Myra
in the auction box at the Morton Cattle Auction.

Crowd of buyers in Saxe under the tent

Third Street
Wrecker Service
August 9, 2003

Mary Scott and
Brenda Grant at Elmwood Farm sale. Mary models a hat that was
bought at the sale.

Chuck Benhoff
looks over a tractor at the Brankley Auction

Marvin Whirley
Sr.prepares to pay for purchases at the Brankley sale

Tom Jones works
the ground at the Brankley sale

Jimmy selling
at the Brankley sale

Dr. and Mrs. Turner examine antique papers at the

Cox/Hughes sale on the famous “Travis” site

November 2004

Jimmy with Lindsey and Lucy at the Farmville

Seized Sale.  Tom Jones taking bids.

March 2006

Here is Jimmy
taking a lunch break with his mother Virginia Carwile.

Delegate Watkins
Abbott attends a farm equipment auction.

Gwen Hamlet
and Mrs. Dejarnette taking an auction break.

Taylor Lafoon
holding up the tent pole while watching the Kidd Auction!

Pearson Dejarnette
and son during the Morton Farm Equipment auction.

Cathy Mitchell
checking out an auction

attendee at the Reynolds sale.

Al Hartley in a discussion with a fellow

attendee at the Adams sale.

Billy Marshall,
Jim Francis and Myra watch

the Adams auction proceedings.

Barbara Eanes clerking the very cold Templeton sale

November 2003

Tom Jones taking bids on the ground

Augusta and
Cathy clerking the Adams sale.

Terry Daniels
and Billy discuss and auction bid at the Adams sale.

The Adams
sale of October 11th was a long day for a couple of tired buyers.

Henry Carwile
watches as a tractor is auctioned at the Tractor auction on

Tim Adams watches
the Morton Farm Equipment Auction.

Sr. takes a bid from the crowd as Flip looks on at the Southside
Tractor auction.

Amy Hancock
clerking at the Lewis Tree Sale. Amy also works in the auction

Jimmy auctions
under the tent at the Kidd sale 7/26/03

Shelton Wright
and Larry Atkins at the Worthy Sale

Clarke Hogan
and Shelton Wright at the Worthy sale.

Jimmy Selling in one of Mrs. Worthy’s chicken barns

Looking on is Shelton Wright and Jim Francis

Ward Burton signing autographs

at the Fuqua Auction

Rebecca Kidd
helps Jimmy work the ground at her family’s auction on 7/26/03

Mr & Mrs.
Doug Childs before their auction on March 6, 2002, South Hill,

Stephanie Heintzleman
– Charlotte County Assistant County Administrator attends the
sale in New Canton

James Eggleston
enjoys some home cooked Amish food at a farm equipment auction.

Virgil Goode looks at the historical books and the Hughes sale at historic “Travis” in Prince Edward County on November 8th, 2004

Jimmy greets
Clarke Hogan at the Ward Burton Dinner and auction at Fuqua

Jimmy auctions
while Flip works the ground at Southside Tractor auction.

Jimmy and Tom
enjoy a laugh at the end of the Elmwood Farm sale

Barbara takes
a break from clerking at the Saxe sale to listen to one of Charley
Skelton’s jokes

Amelia Consignment Sale April 2005

Virginia & Henry Carwile

Feal Market Sale

Tobaccco Warehouse 2003

Harold Collins

Jon Carr
operates the Daewoo Trackhoe while Jimmy sells at the F.W.
Vaughn sale

Jimmy posing with The Counts Group at the 2005 Virginia Auctioneers Convention

and Charles Ehrlick have a laugh before the 4/24/04 sale.

Joyce Grant and Lawrence Keller at

the Cox/Huges sale at Historic

Travis in Rice, VA

Jimmy and Shorty Osborne at a Chittlin’

Dinner before the Madisonville 2006 Auction

Boys will be Boys…playing in puddles at

the sale for

Third Street Wrecker Service

Barbara signs in Joe Irving at the Morton Cattle

sale in Charlote Court House

Flip takes a break at the German sale in Broadnax

Fuqua Falconfest Auction 2006, Pictures is

Les Lanyon, Sandy clerking, Christie Bailey and


Tom Jones selling at the Farmer Auction in Farmville

Augusta clerking at the Madisonville Consignment sale February 2005