About Us

“We’re moving merchandise,” is the slogan of Carwile Auctions, Inc., and that’s just what they do. sell your property, real estate, merchandise, antiques, quickly and in a most professional manner.

We move a sale as quickly as anybody,” says Jimmy Carwile, owner and auctioneer of Carwile Auctions Inc.

Jimmy began his career as an auctioneer in 1974 but his interest in being an auctioneer goes back to his childhood; he always wanted to sell things at an auction sale.

jimmypointing“I’ve never attended a school to become auctioneer,” Jimmy said with a smile, “I’ve always wanted to do it and it began as a hobby. I just kind of picked it up.”

Jimmy received the Virginia State Auctioneering Championship in 1981 competing against 23 experienced auctioneers.

Prior to beginning his own company, Jimmy had 16 years auctioneering experience with Ownby Auction Company, Richmond; Bradner Auction Company, Keysville; R.B. Tucker Auction Company, Halifax/Charlotte County; and J.W. Shelton Auction Company, South Boston.

Carwile Auctions was started in 1988, backed by years of experience and offering competitive commission rates and personalized service in the auction of estates, real estate, antiques, households, farms and farm equipment, etc. And since incorporating in 1999 you still get the same personalized service.

Jimmy has a sing-song chant that is very pleasant to the ear. He also speaks more slowly and distinctly than most other auctioneers. “I think people like being able to hear and understand what is being said during a sale. It is very interesting and entertaining.”

Most of the advertising is through personalized flyers attractively arranged and mailed first class to a current widespread mailing list covering Virginia, North Carolina and parts of several other states. Large four by eight-foot hand painted signs are also place at several strategic points.

jimmyhatThe sales are also advertised over radio, newspapers through the state of Virginia and over the power of the internet.

“I try to stay up front with the people before, during and after a sale. If the merchandise has defect or is broken I try to be completely honest with the buyer,” Jimmy explained.

“When I leave a sale I want the client to say they’re satisfied and happy and hopefully they will recommend me to others,” Jimmy added.

The next time you have something to sell, better give Jimmy a call at (434) 392-5604 or (434) 547-9100.

“The rates are very reasonable and I can be as competitive as anyone,” Jimmy concluded.

The Carwile Auction Method

In today’s ever-changing markets, auctions are considered a tool of first choice by a knowledgeable seller, not an avenue of last resort. An auction by Carwile Auctions, Inc. is the fastest way to turn your property into cash!

  1. jimmysellingcloseYou can sell your property quicker. Buyers come together for one big competitive showdown.
  2. A value is demonstrated. Traditional sales set the price and then bargain down. The auction process demonstrates the value and “bargains up”.
  3. Auctions draw attention. You create a market for your property. Exposure is enormous compared to conventional efforts. Many times more people are exposed to your property during the “Auction Promotion”. It I concentrated and intense.
  4. Urgency to buy is created. Buy this property now or it won’t be available later. When the ads start and the signs go up, people know the property is going to be sold.

Carwile Auctions Inc. has been in the professional auction business since 1988 and has sold hundreds of properties (farm equipment, real estate, personal property) such as this in these past years. We have a tremendous success rate over the years and feel the reason for this success is we try to do everything in our power on each auction to achieve top market value on that auction date.

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